I’m gonna take you places you’ve never been before
And you’ll be so happy that you came

Oh, and that’s a young, not so famous Jennifer Lopez dancing in the background.

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Way back in the days when was pretty new and readily available for new artists to upload music this band put up some tunes.

My mp3 player is on random and Nobody’s Star came up.

Normally I would just post a vid. but there aren’t many available. You can however download six of their songs via the link with the band name.

Kacy Crowley - Vertigo




Jenny Lewis - Just One Of The Guys [Official Music Video]

Well, this is delightful.

Oh nice, I didn’t know Jenny Lewis was still in music!


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Saint Pepsi - Fiona Coyne

Have to admit I haven’t really watched Degrassi at all since the first season of The Next Generation. If I could get a hold of a copy of the Kids of Degrassi Street that would be amazing.

This track is pretty great.

OctaHate by Ryn Weaver
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